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A diet that is focused on eating whole & minimally processed plants like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes. And I don’t mean “diet” as in the temporary thing you tried at the beginning of the year that made you feel like you failed at life. I mean ‘diet’ as in a LIFESTYLE, simply what you eat day to day and on a regular basis. Plant-based is a lifestyle based on consuming food that comes from plants not a box, factory or a drive thru window (it can also exclude animal products like meat, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy).


Before we get into more plant-based goodness let’s compare the difference between a diet a.k.a DIET and a diet a.k.a LIFESTYLE. Think of a DIET like those four-inch heels that sounded like a good idea that one time in Mexico. Sure the shoes were amazing but let’s face it, there were better options for 2 full days of sightseeing. Lesson learned. And let’s think of a LIFESTYLE as the tiny little puppy you brought home from the animal shelter that changed your life forever. The morning cuddles, puppy breath and the never-ending tail wagging sessions. Life with a puppy gets better and better… even if he did chew up your entire shoe collection and pee on your new carpet.

The point is that a plant-based LIFESTYLE is not a chore or something that you’re dedicated to for only a weekend. It’s not always easy or perfect but it does get better and better with time and practice. And much like bringing home a fur baby is the best.thing.ever a plant-based diet is one of the best things for your health, the environment, animals and your body.

A plant-based diet focuses on whole & minimally processed foods like these:

  • Dark leafy greens (kale, collard greens, spinach…)
  • More vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, celery, carrots, sweet potato, corn…)
  • Fruits (berries, apples, pineapple, bananas…)
  • Nuts & seeds (almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds…)
  • Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, oats…)
  • Legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas…)

Apart from the food groups mentioned above a plant-based diet also includes shopping local, seasonally and organic (when possible of course). When people think “plant-based” they usually think “healthy” and that’s pretty spot on, it doesn’t get much better than eating a diet primarily of foods from the earth.

plant based vegan food


Click HERE to read the full article on Plant-Based vs Vegan. In the meantime, here’s the short answer:

Yes and no. There are different versions or “titles” of plant-based diets (like vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, etc). The main difference between plant-based and vegan is usually that the basis for a vegan diet is of ethical or moral reasons. On this website I focus on a plant-based vegan diet but regardless of how you chose to describe or label the way you eat the point remains the same: eating mostly plants will result in amazing benefits for your health + waistline, the environment and animals. Win-win-win!

vegan juice ideas- what is vegan


If you’re reading this and thinking about the triple, venti caramel macchiato and chocolate brownie you had for breakfast, lunch from a pick up window and dinner from a frozen box, first of all no judgment here. I get it. And two, even though you might be thinking there’s no way you’ll ever be able to do this amazing-healthy-vegetable-plant stuff I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

The same way I would have done my best to make sure you packed proper shoes for your adventures abroad is the same way I’m going to make sure you know that you CAN do this. You’re already doing amazing things (if you’re a mom then you’re already half superhero) and going plant-based will only take your greatness to another level. Seriously. Everything that you currently do and everyone that you love will benefit from more plants in your life. And even though the process of going plant-based may not feel as easy as loving on a puppy I promise you that it is possible and it is completely worth it.

what is plant based- vegan- dragon fruit
what is a plant based diet chart
what is a plant based diet chart
what is a plant based diet chart
what is a plant based diet chart

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