Day 132 (00:12) – I took another day off today and the best part is that I’m not beating myself up for it! I went on a coffee date with one of my besties who is also in the process of starting her own business. Every time we meet I feel so inspired and motivated to continue doing the work I’m doing, I hope she feels the same.

I shared with her some of the things I’m applying from Business by Design and at one point I had to take a step back and notice how fired up I was about the topics… branding, content creating, marketing, online business… I felt as though I was teaching a Sculpt class or photographing something amazing with my camera, I felt completely in my “zone of genius”. Admitting this isn’t easy especially because I don’t identify as an “expert” in any field but I’m slowly allowing myself to STEP INTO my purpose. This is such a powerful realization, one that I hope to explain and explore further…

Day 133 (01:16) – I spent all day finding reasons to NOT work on creating my course. I worked on a marathon training plan, workout scheduled, laundry and even freaked out about how hot out studio gets… I did everything I could to avoid working on what I needed to be working on. Self-sabotage at its finest folks.

At the end of the day I felt frustrated and was walking into the dark hole of self-pity and complaining so we decided to get out of the office (even though I didn’t want to!) We went for a walk on the beach and afterwards I felt completely different. Sometimes all it takes is to step away from that thing you’re avoiding or that thing that’s stressing you out, get your energy in the right place and THEN go back to it.

Day 134 (03:09) – I finally get to work longer hours in the studio! I’m so excited about this! Let me explain… The studio gets extremely hot everyday between the hours of 3pm-6pm and it’s really hard to focus when you feel like you’re burning up. Consequently, I felt stressed everyday around 2pm because I knew I had to leave the studio, BUT I wasn’t done working… it was a mess, I hated it and I also used it as an excuse to not get work done. Well, I no longer have to worry about that because Eddie fixed it!!! He’s the fixer, operations guru and the one who makes things really happen around here! He bought extra fans and strategically placed them in a way that works for the space and he fixed the ventilation system in the office! I can’t begin to explain how excited I am about this!

Moving on to the actual business progress of the day… I’ve identified what I’m resisting and why and now I’m ready to move forward even if it’s scary. I have three more days to meet my deadline of writing my course (insert all the nervous emojis here!) so it’s time to get started!

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