It’s Summer 2018 and I have yet to catch up on posting last years Hawaii vlogs! (insert face palm) So let’s get right to it! No more procrastinating or hoarding photos and videos on my computer!

We filmed this episode of our Living in Hawaii Vlog in 2017 when I was second shooting weddings in Kauai… island hopping was so much fun and I miss it! We had a blast roaming around the island with THREE new additions to our little fam… vlogging camera(Canon 80D), shooting camera (Canon 5D IV) and Peak Design backpack! The only thing missing was our drone… that would have made the geek in me completely lose it haha!

We’re definitely still learning HOW to vlog and still figuring out the direction of this series but I’m enjoying documenting these little adventures with Eddie… I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years! Other things included in this “workcation” are shave ice, naps (which neverrrr happen), shooting at the St. Regis Princeville Resort, a wild piggy and beautiful plumeria!

I hope you’re enjoying these videos, thanks for watching!

Xoxo, -M