Day 135 (0:07) – I completely forgot I was subbing a Sculpt class today! I started my morning late and very relaxed, we even took Cilantro to the park and spent a good amount of time there. When I got to the office I felt inspired and ready to work on the course I’m creating, I made really good progress in only a few hours! I was on a roll and completely “in my zone” when I remembered that I needed to teach that evening! I am SO glad I remembered! Although I had to cut my workday short to make it on time, class was amazing (as usual!).

Day 136 (03:26) – It’s crunch time! I only have two full days left to meet my deadline and I’m starting to question whether or not I’ll REALLY be able to get everything done…

Technically I have a few more days to finish writing my course (I’m creating my first product for my online photography business) but I thought giving myself a tight deadline would be the “pressure” I need to get it done. I’m starting to think that wasn’t such a good idea… I still have A LOT to do.

Day 137 (06:01) – I failed to meet my deadline…

But surprisingly I’m not as bummed, stressed or frustrated as I would expect myself to be. I think this is a great thing! Instead of focusing on the fact that I missed my deadline I’ve been thinking about the lessons I can extract from this. I still have a few more days to wrap this up and I know I can do it…

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