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I recently had the opportunity to try more pieces from POPFLEX through an Instagram challenge I won (so exciting, review on that coming soon!) THIS REVIEW is only for the pieces I ordered weeks ago, please sign up for my free newsletter to be notified when I release the next POPFLEX review. Now, on to the post!…

I long for the day I can call myself a minimalist but I can’t seem to kick my love, need obsession with amassing very particular things. Cute shoes (that I never wear), books, nail polish, photos, cups & mugs, chairs (at one point I accumulated over fifteen chairs in my apartment), running shoes and more recently, workout clothes.

I’m pretty much on the right path to becoming a cat lady. I just need 27 cats.

One day I’ll be able to control my “problem” and confidently call myself a minimalist but for now I’ll settle for aspiring minimalist. It only seems appropriate since this post is about new workout clothes right? But let’s not dwell on our shortcomings, on to the good stuff!

I placed my order for my favorite pieces of the Mermaid Collection by POPFLEX the day it was released. I’ve been all about POP lately (read this and this to see what I mean) so I wanted to order the entire collection but I exercised some self-restraint and only ordered two outfits… it’s a slow road to recovery right?

I purchased the Pointe Legging in Nightfall (black, size 6), Criss-cross crop top in Nightfall (black, size 4), Pop Short in Seafoam (size 6)and Set the Bar bra in Mermaid (size 4).popflex mermaid collection review

mermaid inspired workout clothes-review


The colors, oh the colors! I usually prefer black, all day every day, but I’m trying to experiment with different colors, prints and patterns for my workout clothes so I fell in love with the Mermaid Collection at first glance.  The Mermaid bra and sea foam colored shorts are true to the vibrant colors shown on the website and even more beautiful in person.

The fabric feels strong, very high quality and soft. I feel like these pieces were built for high impact activities like running and hiking and not just for Pilates, which is a huge plus!set the bar bra-mermaid collection detail

The mesh fabric on the leggings and bras are a beautiful detail and it doesn’t feel like it’s on the verge of ripping like other brands I’ve tried.

There are pockets on the leggings and shorts! I die. I have no idea why I would want pockets on my workout clothes but it’s one of my favorite details. *UPDATED TO ADD: I’ve since worn the leggings to the gym and the pockets were a lifesaver.

The leggings and shorts are made with a wide waistband and it makes the whole muffin-top situation a lot more manageable. Love it.criss cross crop-sports bra- popflex mermaid

The bras have removable push-up cups. I’m not a fan of the bra cups but I like that I have the option to take them out.

The leggings are everything. Just the right fit, length and feel!

The straps on both bras are beautiful. The bold design of the Mermaid bra straps is my favorite, it truly has a high fashion sports feel to it. The thin straps on the black crop top is a lovely detail that makes the black bra stand out.

popflex review-sizing and fit


-The shorts are very short. They look beautiful on the models featured on the website and on some lovely ladies I’ve seen on Instagram but my wide hips and booty were not havin’ it. The shorts exposed the upper part of where my butt ends and legs begin and there’s no way I’d be comfortable working out in them (not even at home since I’d have to keep adjusting them after every movement).*UPDATED TO ADD: POPFLEX has updated the shorts with a longer version since I placed my order, review on the new version coming soon!

-Both bras fit very tight around my chest/armpit area even after I removed the bra cups. I didn’t order a bigger size because I wasn’t sure if my non-voluptuous boobs could fill in the bra (it’s been an issue with other sports bras I’ve tried) but now I’m thinking I should have gone with a bigger size and left the bra cups in.popflex designs- order review

-I have a short torso so the black crop top didn’t work for me. I think the length is perfect but not for my body type. Something to keep in mind if you have a curvy frame and short torso as well.

-The care label on all of the pieces says to “hand wash cold with like colors using mild detergent. Hang dry.” This could be inconvenient if you live in a humid climate like Hawaii, it’s so hard for anything around here to hang dry! *UPDATED TO ADD: Since I wrote this post I washed one of my pieces in my regular washer & dryer and it seemed fine so that was a big relief!

popflex mermaid bra detail-mesh


The fabric, colors and fit (of the leggings) are a dream! Unfortunately I’ve decided to return the shorts and the black crop top because of the length issue on both. I’m undecided about returning the Mermaid bra or exchanging it for another size, I’ll update this post with my thoughts on a bigger size if I go that route.mermaid collection-cassey ho-blogilates-popflex review

I’m excited to wear my black Pointe Leggings to Pilates and share photos of what this collection looks like in real life soon! Although not all of the pieces I ordered worked out for me I’m still a fan of POPFLEXtheir great customer service, high quality pieces and story behind the brand. I attended a Pop Pilates Instructor training workshop a few weeks ago and I loved seeing some of the Popsters wearing pieces from the first and second POPFLEX collections. And if I lost you with “Popsters and Pop Pilates” click HERE to get a quick description of each.


I recently had the opportunity to try more pieces from POPFLEX through an Instagram challenge I won (so exciting, review on that coming soon!) THIS REVIEW is only for the pieces I ordered weeks ago, please sign up for my free newsletter to be notified when I release the next POPFLEX review!

beautiful workout clothes- mermaid- popflex
mermaid inspired clothes-popflex review
cassey ho popflex activewear line- mermaid collection

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