becoming a pop pilates instructor

It’s the day before my Pop Pilates Instructor Training and I’m freaking out. I’m not very surprised with my current condition considering I haven’t studied or practiced the way I promised my planner that I would. That in itself is no surprise though, planner promises are broken around here quite often, it’s a nasty cycle and practically the story of my life but better left for another post.

I’m supposed to meet Cassey Ho (the creator of Blogilates and founder of Popflex) tomorrow because she’ll be teaching a public Pop Pilates class at the three-story 24 hour fitness on Kapiolani Blvd. and she’ll be joining the future Pop Pilates instructors during a portion of our training. While I’m excited for that I’m really nervous about being in the same room as hard-core, real life and experienced fitness instructors and people who have been practicing Blogilates much longer than I have. I imagine they’ll be able to smell my fear as soon as I walk into the room, everything will go into slow motion, I’ll be called a big fat (or small and round) fraud, time will shift back to its regular pace and then my non-Pilates outfit and I will sneak out of the room and pretend it was all a dream.

Ok maybe it won’t be that dramatic but still, I’m freaking out. I have zero experience in group fitness instruction, I’m having trouble learning my assigned track (which is only about 3 minutes long), I’m not sure if my natural deodorant is going to cut it for an 8 hour day at the gym and I can’t wrap my head around how I’m supposed to eventually learn and teach hours of choreography. Eddie and my diva BFF (and co-future Pop Pilates instructor) keep reminding me that everything will be okay and I’ll do great but I secretly wish they’d just kidnap me and keep me in a room full of sweet pastries, fluffy puppies and cloud shaped pillows.

But just in case the puppy thing doesn’t happen I’m reviewing my notes and assigned track for the 79th time and writing a note in my planner as a reminder to embrace the butterflies knots in my stomach…

you’ve been here before. nerves, excitement, fear and vicious butterflies in your stomach are usually set in motion when you take a chance on yourself. they come up right before something great is going to happen, don’t walk away from it. this note is your reminder to keep going, breath and enjoy the process.

*UPDATED TO ADD: Since writing this post I’ve completed the Pop Pilates Instructor Training, CLICK HERE to read my review!

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