In my last vlog I gave myself a deadline… I had to move forward with the next step in my business by the end of the week OR I needed to drop this business idea and move on to the next thing. I’m happy to report that I MET MY DEADLINE!!! And we are doing this! We are moving forward with creating our first course! I think a big part of it was allowing ourselves to take a day off…

Day 129 (00:15)- I’m on fire today! It feels so good to write those words especially after starting the week with a mild meltdown (see previous vlog). I am proud to say that I got ONE thing done today… normally the thought of doing only one thing during an entire day would freak me out but not today!

I finished my course outline!!! This ONE thing may seem small but it’s a huge step and a very important piece of the process in order to move forward! I watched one of Casey Neistat’s vlogs and was reminded that even superstars like him struggle with starting a new business! Ahhh turns out we’re all just human trying to do the best we can.

Day 130 (01:29) – I needed a day off! We unapologetically took the day off today and it was amazing! Walked in the rain, ran around with Cilantro and watched an early dinner! It was perfect and exactly what we needed to return to our projects tomorrow with a full heart. (Side note: I am loving the editing in these videos! I am so happy that I finally decided to outsource these daily business vlogs!)

Day 131 (03:21)- I officially met my deadline! We are still figuring out a lot of stuff… when are we going to create our course, run the BETA launch, launch the finished course… ahhh so many things! I’m so excited AND incredibly nervous (see my nail polish in the video haha!)

One month ago we set a really big and scary three month goal and right now I’m convinced that we are REALLY going to meet our goal. It’s surreal… I know it hasn’t happened yet but I can actually FEEL what it’s going to feel like when it does.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!


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