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I VLOGGED FOR 100 DAYS! BIZ VLOG 0100- 0102.

Day 100-102!!!

I’ve vlogged my business journey for over 100 DAYS!!!! Whoa. I feel so proud! And also VERY excited about the direction of the next 100+ days! I’m also looking into making more changes to this vlog over the next couple of weeks… but for now let’s get into this week’s episode!

Day 100- An overview of how this vlog has evolved! I also chat about how and why I know things are going to be different from here on out! AND we signed up for an amazing business program!!! Business by Design by James Wedmore! I am SO EXCITED about this. So much more to come. I also discuss some details for my online photography business!

Day 101- We started Business by Design today and we are completely obsessed with it! I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted with all the INNER WORK we talked about today but I am LOVIN’ it!

Day 102- I loved today! I worked on things that fire me up and I didn’t spend any time editing or doing any of the frustrating things that I’ve been “fighting” with over the past couple of months. I’m so ready to begin OUTSOURCING! We worked on Business by Design all day, we made some pretty big breakthroughs and set really exciting goals. I am so pumped about everything we’re working on! And getting to do this together with Eddie makes it all that much better!

Thanks for watching, enjoy! Xoxo,


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