Day 103-106!!!

I’ve vlogged my business journey for over 100 DAYS!!!! Whoa. I feel so proud! And also VERY excited about the direction of the next 100+ days! I’m also looking into making more changes to this vlog over the next couple of weeks… but for now let’s get into this week’s episode!

Day 103- We are completely obsessed with Business by Design! It’s hard to step away from it because we’re enjoying it so much!

Day 104- Listened to an amazing podcast during a morning walk about TIME. I realized that I have so many limiting beliefs about time so I’m excited to address them and change my relationship with time. We also had a BIG breakthrough today during Business by Design! We’ve decided to go full force on my first product for my photography business!!!

Day 105- Worked on completing more lessons from Business by Design AND we finalized an outline for my online photography business! Ahhh this is so exciting and extremely nerve-wracking as well!

Day 106- It’s our twelve year wedding anniversary today so we took the day off! As much as we enjoyed our day off Eddie and I are both excited to get back to work tomorrow haha!

Thanks for watching, enjoy! Xoxo,


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