Remember that one time I had a horrible run and I sat down on the side of the road when it was over and I was on the verge of a little break down!? (I think that was Vlog_13) Well, this run was worse!

This episode covers my 22-mile run that almost didn’t happen because I wanted to quit SO many times. I started this run feeling strong but it took everything in me to keep going after I hit the halfway point. I was listening to a running podcast during the second half of the run and the coach that was being interviewed talked about the rigorous training schedules his athletes follow, some of his athletes train on a bicycle for eight hours! He mentioned that the REAL training starts during the eight hour when the athlete is exhausted, when it’s easier to walk away than to keep going and when your mind starts playing tricks on you. The ones that continue to the finish line are the true athletes.

Now, I’m not an elite athlete and I don’t have a coach but after this horrible and difficult run I’m open to consider myself an athlete. A beginner-hobbyist and self-made athlete, but an athlete nonetheless. I hit my proverbial “eight hour” at the halfway point but I didn’t give up, it would have been much easier to walk away and call it a day but I didn’t want to take the easy way out. Even though this episode is a little “sad” and there’s a lot of complaining going on I feel proud of this run and I feel proud to consider myself an athlete.


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