Day 93-99!!!

Only ONE day away from 100 days of vlogging! WHOA.

Day 93- Editing and trying to get through my to-do list… I organized a ton of stuff on my computer and it’s a relief to know where everything lives. My computer file hoarding days are over!

Day 94- Worked at my desk all day… still wrapping up lingering items. The small things add up over time and now it’s time to deal with them. Highlight of the day: while listening to a Facebook Live by James Wedmore I got some really helpful feedback from him! SO good.

Day 95- The open-ended projects are never-ending. We also worked on simplifying old camera equipment I no longer use. (Side note: we’ve been obsessed with a mama bird and her tiny babes living in a tree in front of the office… the little birds are getting ready for flight this week! This is so random but something we’ve enjoyed keeping track of this week haha!)

Day 96- I am loving the mind shifts I’m experiencing while listening to James Wedmores content lately but it’s also overwhelming. I get really excited by all of the ideas I want to see come to life and I don’t know where/how I’m going to find the time for it all. On a side note, IGTV came out today and I’m very excited about it!!! I need to make some changes to my content creation approach to include IGTV!

Day 97- Still obsessed with IGTV! We recorded and posted our first video in this new pocket of Instagram! Today I also provide a small update on the status of my Instagram profile after getting an awesome shout out from a fitness influencer last week.

Day 98- We made another sale for the images that I sell for health and wellness entrepreneurs!

Day 99- Working through a mild panic attack and accepting the fact that I NEED to outsource so many things! Regardless of how stressed I’m feeling, I’m so excited about signing up for Business by Design!

Thanks for watching, enjoy! Xoxo,


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