My daily vlogging experiment begins TODAY!

I’ve spent a really long time editing and getting this video ready to post… over five hours to be semi-exact. My hope is that I can cut that time in half (or more) as soon as possible. I’ve experimented with vlogging before (I documented my 2016 marathon training experience) and I’ve made a couple of videos with my husband about our life in Hawaii (which I have yet to post) but this experiment is going to be beyond anything I’ve attempted before.

These daily vlogs will document my fitness/health journey, my attempt to start a new photography business and my efforts in building a personal brand so that I can become a content creator. I doubt they will be very “exciting” or “artistic” and even though I’ve invested half of my day on making ONE video I am incredibly happy that I’m doing this… I’m not sure I’ll feel the same on day 274 but who knows, there’s so much that I can improve and learn during that time!

Here it is, my FIRST vlog from my experiment: VLOGGING FOR ONE YEAR: INSPIRED BY GARY VAYNERCHUK. Let the journey begin!

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I’m a photographer, marathon runner, proud auntie and a lifestyle blogger based in Hawaii.