Where do I begin? I haven’t posted anything on this blog for almost nine months. Why? No idea. Maybe laziness? Fear? Overwhelm? Confusion? Maybe a little bit of each, I don’t know.

But I DO know why I’m here now.

I’m still a little confused, slightly terrified but mostly excited about this experiment. So, I’m here, sitting at my desk, in a studio that needs lots of work, Cilantro napping a few feet from me and only 19 minutes left on the timer (I gave myself 30 minutes to write this blog post)…

I’m here to share that I started vlogging. DAILY VLOGGING to be exact! For the next 365 days I’m going to document my fitness journey, creative endeavors and business attempts along with my husband and our babe, Cilantro.

This vlogging experiment and all the things I’ll be documenting will either be a complete fail or a total win. It will all be on video so I guess we’ll see. Either way it’s a win-win for me (and hopefully for others as well!). There are SO.MANY things I’ve postponed, ignored and “wished” for over the past several years and I’m ready to start DOING. Truth be told, I need to keep myself accountable and the thought of vlogging about the things I’m most passionate about will help me do that. And if I end up helping, inspiring or entertaining someone along the way then that’s an extra win!

It’s going to be really interesting to look back next year and see what happened, what I learned and what we accomplished… so thank you for being here. Vlogging on a daily basis is absolutely nuts and I’m sure one day I’ll be able to explain more about why I’ve decided to do this but right now I just want to put this out there and share my excitement with you before I talk myself out of it.

Last night I tweeted this to my mentor, Gary Vaynerchuck,

And this morning I shared this on Instagram Stories,

And now I’m writing this post. So I guess it’s official. No way I can talk myself out of it now. I’ll be posting my first vlog tomorrow morning, you can watch it here or on my YouTube channel. Again, thank you for being here… let’s get this experiment started!

Xoxo, -M

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