I’ve shared these photos before, a long long time ago, but then I deleted all of my blog posts (hundreds!) and basically started from scratch. More on that later but for now I’ve decided there are a few posts that need to make their way out of my archives… our San Diego studio makeover is definitely one of them.

My husband and I currently live in Hawaii (late 2016 will be our five year anniversary on the islands!) but before we made it to the middle of the Pacific Ocean we lived in a tiny studio in California. The way we came to know about and rent the studio was completely unexpected and that made the space extra special.

As you’ll see in the BEFORE photos below, the studio is actually a BOX and we had no idea how we were going to make it work for us but we were ready for the challenge. Basically I designed how I wanted it to look (and by “designed” I mean I chose a color scheme- always black & white-, bought furniture and picked out décor) while my husband did all of the real work behind the scenes. He’s truly a renovating- making my crazy ideas come to life genius/ninja. (Wait till’ you see what he’s done with our Hawaii Treehouse!) It was hard to leave that space because we had put so much work into it (our landlord was really happy!) but knowing we were moving to Hawaii helped letting go of our little box a little bit easier. Obviously. I hope you enjoy a little peek into the beautiful, tiny, black and white box that what once was our home!


I wasn’t kidding when I said it was tiny… I forgot to mention that it was also hard to look at! Those colors! UGH. Just, ewwwwwww.



Crazy right!? Told you my husband is a renovating- making my crazy ideas come to life genius/ninja. This was the view as soon as you came into the studio…tiny-san-diego-studio-makeover-modern-before-and-after-black-white_1010


Details… mostly all from IKEA. Side note, there REALLY needs to be an IKEA in Hawaii.


Black and white photos of my family to continue the monochrome-ish vibes.


A view into the kitchen/ dining area. Huge difference right!? I loved this tiny space so much. The zebra canvas hung on the wall that was also our bed. Yep, a murphy bed!!! Custom made by the hubby.


Eddie (my husband) built these giant doors to hide our closet, probably the biggest closet I’ve ever had! This also hid the small fireplace (see the “before” photos above).


Part of my work station…


I started my photography business in this room… so many memories.


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