I’m on day 2 of my quarterly seven-day juice cleanse (although by the time you read this the seven days will have passed and hopefully I’ll be munching on a kale salad). It may sound as though I’m in the habit of “detoxing” every three months but I’m not, I haven’t done a juice cleanse in two years. I attempted a 7-day detox program in 2015 but quit for nachos after two days… but then I ran a marathon a few months later so I figured the nacho party canceled out. Seemed only fair.

So here I am, early 2016, drinking green juice like it’s nobody’s business and peeing every 10 minutes. I haven’t felt any of the “detox” symptoms that can be common while on a cleansing program and I haven’t had to change my morning workout routine so that’s a plus. I think this cleanse might be going so well due to a combination of a few things; I’ve done this before, I’m used to eating lots of fruits and veggies and I’m really excited about this new website.

But before getting into any details, let me back up a bit…

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If you’ve made it here by way of Google, Pinterest or another form of Internet greatness, I’m thrilled, welcome! Feel free to say hello and stick around; this is going to be good I can tell!

If you’re here by way of my photography work (welcome! xoxo) you’ve surely noticed that all of this is very different than my wedding & lifestyle work. Not to worry, I’m still a photographer and beautiful light + amazing people in front of my camera are still my jam (always!) and you can still see some of my work and your beautiful faces in my portfolio. The only “official” difference is that I’m currently taking some time off from shooting to focus on this site. As weird as it feels to say that I’m happy that I’m allowing myself some time to give my full attention to this new endeavor. Your support means the world to me, thank you for being here.

***UPDATE: View THIS POST for an update on the direction of this blog and click HERE to view my photography portfolio! I’m so excited I can barely sit still.

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This website is a collection of my ongoing adventures in fitness and plant-based food and my hope is to help and inspire you to start or continue on your own health journey. Apart from keeping you posted with reviews on things like juicing cleanses (and more!) my goal is to fill this corner of the web with vegan recipes, meal plans and tips that will help you save time, eat more greens and take control of your plate. ***see update above and here 

If you’re balancing the art of raising a family while pursuing your career, a young female that is the first in your family to go to college, are selflessly dedicated to caring for your aging parents or volunteer work, a fierce entrepreneur, traveling the world, climbing corporate ladders or if you can make a mean pozole from a recipe that was passed down from your grandmother, I think you’re amazing. You’re following your dreams, overcoming obstacles and defying all sorts of odds and I want you to continue doing those amazing things. I understand you don’t have the time or desire to go down the black hole of researching meal plans, nutritional information or the next super-food so I want to help.

Somewhere between going vegan, moving to Hawaii and training for my first marathon I realized that a simple approach works best. I’ve experimented with different things, done lots of research and each time it comes back to something very basic (and yet sometimes so difficult), eating more plant-based foods + moving my body. I want to help and inspire you to infuse this basic approach into your beautiful life. I know it seems impossible to get a grip on your greens but girl, you are changing the world so you can most definitely handle more greens and some meal plans, you’ll see.

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Please feel free to comment or email me to say Aloha! I’d love to know where you’re at in your health and fitness journey and if there is any way I can help. What are the things you find difficult when it comes to being more “healthy?” What questions do you want to see answered on this site?

Thank you for taking the time to visit this corner of the web, I’m looking forward to connecting and sharing the goodness I’ve been working on! xoxo, -M

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