I finally finished my new playlist for my Sculpt classes! It only took me ALL DAY! And that’s not including all the time I spent on it yesterday *face palm*. I know that once I’m teaching this playlist (it’s a good one!) to my Sculpt peeps it’ll be totally worth it but dang, I need to get better at this.

I listened to part of a podcast on my way home from the gym where Arianna Huffington and Gary Vaynerchuk were asked about their thoughts on “work-life balance”. I’m fascinated with their responses and in this vlog I explain why I appreciate their viewpoints so much.

Today is the first vlog with my “new format” (see yesterdays vlog 0012 to see what I’m talking about) and although it’s not exciting by any means I’m really glad I decided to change things up. Days like today, when I feel frustrated and like I’m not capable, are exactly what I want to document. It’s not easy to record this and it’s definitely not easy to share this but years from now I know I’ll be glad I did AND if this happens to help at least one person along the way then that’ll be the best part!

Thanks for watching, enjoy! xoxo,

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