Day 159 (00:10) – I learned a simple but BIG lesson today; keep my personal photos organized. While looking for photos to post on my Instagram profile I discovered that I deleted photos from our anniversary earlier this year… I was devastated. On a good note though, I’m proud of how I was able to recover from this mistake quickly. I’ve been a lot more aware of my thoughts, reactions and overall energy that I carry with me throughout the day and it’s moments like this that allow me to see how I’m improving…

Day 160 (01:38) – Coffee dates with the bestie are always the best days!

Day 161(03:28) – I spent too many hours working on beautifying my Instagram Highlights. I am being obsessive about this and I can’t seem to turn away ! I stayed up really late finishing up my “Instagram Plan” for my lifestyle brand… I’m completely overthinking this and I need to just pick something and move on!

Day 162 (03:28) – The only goal for today is to wrap up my over-the-top Instagram Highlights plan and MOVE FORWARD. We are leaving for a trip next week and I think I’m starting to get a little stressed when I think about everything I have yet to get done… I hope to make space to breathe and re-center myself today. I’m also very aware that I need to change certain habits that I try to disguise as good qualities like “perfectionism.” Oh the life of a creative stuck in an aspiring entrepreneur’s body! 😉

Thank you for being here!


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