What a week! We started a new module in our business training program, we tried working in a new location and to wrap up the week I got an anxiety attack… all in a week’s time! Good times, haha!

DAY 114 (00:10) – We started a new module of Business by Design today! I was so pumped and ready to move forward until we got to the second lesson of the module. I started questioning everything we had worked on the previous week and decided to revisit my offer. By the end of the day I felt stuck and unsure about which direction to go in.

DAY 115 (01:55) – We tried to be “cool” today and work out of a really beautiful coffee shop/ seating area near one of the studios I teach at and it was kind of a disaster. The internet was slow, I couldn’t concentrate, I was cold and I kept dropping things all over the floor haha! I loved being out and about to start the day but I’m realizing I’m the most productive when I’m in my quiet corner in our studio. Maybe one day we’ll try it again!

DAY 116 (03:41) – I had an anxiety attack today. It was rough and although I feel much better as I write this and I felt fine when I filmed today’s clip I don’t take those type of “moments” lightly. There’s a lot to learn from days like today but it’s hard to acknowledge it. I’d like to think that I’m not SO much of a work in progress, but the truth is that I am. I think we all are. Some days it’s more apparent than others I guess.

I TRY not to compare myself to others but it’s a constant battle… I had been comparing myself to others that I look up to all week and when I had to make decisions about my business today I just kind of, blew up. I freaked out. I worried about all the wrong things and made myself believe I am not capable of moving forward with my plans. It was bad. I’m talkin’ crying at my desk- can’t breathe kinda bad. After a few moments I was able to gather myself, do some deep breathing, tap (EFT), talk it out with Eddie, cry some more and then get some fresh air. I felt a lot better afterwards and I know tomorrow will be even better.

It’s obviously not easy to put this out there, it’s slightly embarrassing even if no one is watching these business vlogs or reading these words. But I hope to be able to help or inspire someone one day by sharing these parts of my journey… it’s not pretty, it’s messy. It takes a lot longer than expected and it’s going to be harder than you ever thought it would be but please know that you’re not alone. And you are ENOUGH.

Thanks for watching, enjoy!


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