Day 28! Today’s vlog is about what happens when I second-guess myself… nothing productive. *insert eye roll* After yesterday’s “podcast practice” I started wondering whether the topics and format of my podcast are going to be helpful or “interesting enough”. Even though I allowed feelings of doubt to take over my productivity I’m glad that I forced myself to get away from my computer, I think the little break will help me feel better tomorrow.

Like I mentioned in the vlog, the resistance (or fear) that I’m feeling in starting a podcast might also be because¬†it’s totally new for me and even though there’s great potential with it, it’s still a bit nerve-wracking. I know that it’s important to acknowledge this, explore whatever feelings come up and then move forward. But even knowing this doesn’t fully prevent days like today BUT at least it helps me recover from them a lot faster! Tomorrow will be brighter, it always is.

Thanks for watching, xoxo


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