I started my day with a Sculpt workout and an inspiring coffee date; a great combination to set the tone for Day 6 of this vlogging project! As I filmed, Cilantro was determined to get my attention several times. Vlogging with a puppy is not easy but it sure makes for some cute interruptions!

Although I wasn’t as productive in the typical “crossing things off my to-do list” type way, I needed the mental break after freaking out about “doing all the things” yesterday. I normally listen to a podcast or watch videos during lunch and the reminders, helpful tips, and motivation from people like Gary Vaynerchuk are absolutely golden! I’ve decided to start sharing my favorite piece of content that I come across every day as a way to collect and share the gems that have helped me so much. Today I watched one of Gary’s vlogs and I share my favorite clip from his video. Thanks for watching, enjoy!



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