Day 120-122!

Welcome to another episode of my 365-day business vlogging experiment! I am LOVING outsourcing the editing of these videos! It still feels very weird to let go of creative control BUT I know that this is the kind of uncomfortable stuff I need to keep doing this in order to grow and move forward! Okay, let’s get into it!

Day 120 (00:10)- Spent most of the day on a coffee date with my best friend who is also starting her own business! She’s amazing and when we get together I’m always reminded that I am not alone in this! Update for today: YOU are not alone in this either, I got yo’ back!

Day 121 (1:39)- Today is a great example of a “down” day… I felt so stuck that we decided to wrap it up early and get out of the office! Sometimes walking away from a bad day is the hardest thing to do but it’s worth it!

Day 122 (3:31)- We had a productive day today, I think ditching work early yesterday was a great idea! I’m so excited about what we’re building and where we’re going with our online businesses. Even though there is still SO much to do… sometimes I don’t know where to start… I know it’s going to be good!!!

Reminder of the week: “Trying to get it perfect before taking action is the LEAST effective way to grow your business…Pick and direction and START.” -James Wedmore

Thanks for watching, enjoy!

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