Text Messages From the Husband

The text messages he sends to brighten my day.

Not the random “hey babe, thinking of you…” text messages. Those are wonderful of course but it’s the ones that guide me out of the dark places I wander into that are the most powerful.

He reminds me to review my affirmation and visualization wall, he tells me he believes in me and what I’m trying to create, he paints a clear picture of where we’ll be if I stay the course and get through the rough patches of starting a business, he recounts the silly thing that happened on the weekend and most importantly he highlights the things he knows I’m grateful for.

My perspective shifts almost instantly and it’s as though he’s physically here and not in his office on the other side of the island. He takes me by the hand, I smile a sigh of relief and I look outward. I look to the beautiful view of the lush mountains surrounding my desk while a salty tear sneaks into the crevices of my lips. I’m smiling and I feel hopeful. My phone buzzes once more and I read another text from him…

“Te amo mas que el Cilantro.” (I love you more than Cilantro loves you)

I let out a soft laugh while Cilantro looks up from his nap, eyes squinting. I smile a bigger smile and shake my head. I wonder how a simple text that started with “how is your day going?” turned into the very thing I needed today.

I walk back to my computer feeling a little lighter and stronger, the husband continues with his day not knowing the full effect of his words and Cilantro reaches his paws forward, long body stretch, and returns to his nap.

Photos from our recent anniversary session with James Ramos,

This session was for last years anniversary but we never got around to taking them! So this year we’ll have more anniversary photos taken… yea, I know. It sounds ridiculous but they’re some of the random rules I make up around here.

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