Day 86-92!!!

Whoa! This is the longest business vlog I’ve ever done! There’s a LOT here… computer issues, adorable baby birds and chicks, fitness “before” photos, Gary Vaynerchuk truth bombs, business mentors and shout outs from social media influencers!

In this episode I really open up about what I’m planning to do to start my online photography business ASAP! I recently found James Wedmore and his course, Business by Design, and I’m loving everything that I’ve learned so far. The program opens later this month and I’m hoping I can make it work. I also talked about what inspired me to continue creating awesome content this week and what happened after I got a shout out on Instagram from Cassey Ho, an amazing fitness instructor and content creator.

I have a feeling this is going to be one of the vlogs I’ll make lots of references to when I’m in a different stage in my business, I’m so excited for what’s to come! The two LONG conversations begin at the time stamps noted below, I know it’s a lot but know that I appreciate you allowing me to share a bit of my heart, hopes and dreams…

8:25- I share finding James Wedmore’s training, my thoughts about his program and my decision to start my online business very soon.

14:23- I share my excitement and findings when Cassey found my squat challenge videos on Instagram.

Thanks for watching, enjoy! Xoxo,


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