We often get asked HOW we moved to Hawaii and in this vlog episode (filmed in Kauai last year!) I give a very GENERAL explanation of how we made such a big move.

I feel like we probably could have planned things a little better but I’m glad we just went for it! Maybe if we had “calculated” everything too much we would have become overwhelmed and not done anything! One thing we made sure we had before we moved was an “emergency” savings account, with enough to get us through at least six months… JUST in case it took that long to find work and get settled in. This is something that we would recommend to anyone moving anywhere! You don’t have to save a lot but knowing that you can settle-in somewhere without the pressure of finding work immediately is golden and makes for a more enjoyable experience. Of course, saving the money isn’t always easy but in most cases totally worth it!

On a lighter note, on this Kauai trip we got to enjoy some much needed down time and the hubby got to geek out over our free rental car upgrade! Something about traveling and vlogging brings out the inner geek in us both haha! Thanks for watching, enjoy!

Xoxo, -M