Today is my first official fitness update since I started daily vlogging eleven days ago (we’re in the double digits now!). I started running again and although I didn’t start very strong I’m glad I started. I have a tendency to only run when I’m training for a marathon and then once the marathon is done I completely stop running. This obviously only makes it really difficult to start AGAIN and it’s getting harder each time.

I had a long list of to-dos for today and I completely forgot to record an update at the end of the day. I’m typing this as I wait for the video to upload, it’s 10:30pm, and I still have a few things that I didn’t get to. After my short run we went grocery shopping and the husband worked on meal prepping for the week while I worked. Then we worked on B-School together for a few hours and afterwards I began editing this vlog so it’s been a productive day but I’m still tempted to stay up late and finish a few more items off my list. I’m definitely failing at the work-life balance thing right now but I don’t mind, I’ve never felt so focused and clear in what I’m working on so I’m owning and enjoying every minute.

Thanks for watching, xoxo,

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