Welcome to the 4th episode of our Living in Hawaii series!!! This is a special video because we documented our 11 year wedding anniversary!!!

I’ve been catching up with posting these Hawaii videos so this particular video was filmed last year! (we actually just celebrated our TWELVE year anniversary!) Yea I know, I waited almost a whole year before posting this! What!? No more of that.

Okay, back to our eleven year anniversary which was PRE CILANTRO! We enjoyed the sunrise at our favorite beach and spent the rest of the day eating delicious food and watching a movie (our favorite thing to do on special occasions!) While I was finishing up this video I found myself wishing that we had documented more anniversaries this way but at least we started right!? And at least I have tons of photos from previous years!

I’m lovin’ this video, hope you enjoy it too!

Xoxo, -M